Jan Cartwright


Registered Dental Assistant

Graduate; Dental Assistant Program, Chattanooga State Community College
Registered Dental Assistant; State of Tennessee
Licensed; Dental Radiology, State of Tennessee
Licensed; Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, State of Tennessee
Certified; CPR and AED, American Heart Association
Certified; Obstructive Sleep Airway, OSA University

Real treat.

“Your staff is A1 professional, courteous, and educational. Don’t see where you can improve on that. Dr. Riley was to the point with me and I like that, and Jan was a treat to me! Thanks again everybody.” — Joseph S.

As a registered dental assistant, Jan has 40 years of experience. Since 1979, she has been a valued member of the Lunn Dentistry family. She gains great professional satisfaction by helping patients with their TMJ/TMD problems and giving them hope by explaining their treatment options. As a former TMJ patient who has completed her permanent treatment, Jan can relate her treatment experiences and help coach patients in attaining improved dental health. In addition to her dental assisting duties, she coordinates the in-house personalization of orthodic dental appliances for treatment of TMJ, Bruxism, and Sleep Disorders.

Pain free!

“I have been so pleased with Dr. Riley’s services. I came in with severe jaw pain. Dr. Riley prescribed an orthotic appliance for me and now I am pain free!” — Kathy

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