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Becoming Our Patient

At Lunn Dentistry, we help you park your fears at the door. We invite you to become a member of our dental family by offering a variety of exam options designed to evaluate your dental concerns and help you clearly understand treatment choices, whether you are a new or established patient.

Benefits of Becoming Our Patient

Discussing all your dental concerns with your Lunn Dentistry’ family will enable us to develop a personalized dental strategy.

Expert service!

“I always feel that I am in good hands when I come for my dental appointment. An important part of that feeling is that the people who serve me are experts in the business.” — Winnie M.

The Crucial Role of Dental Health in the Era of Health and Wellness

At Lunn Dentistry, we are committed to educating our dental family about the importance of dental hygiene in maintaining good health. The presence of microorganisms is what causes oral inflammation and periodontal disease. Good dental hygiene inhibits the presence of microorganisms in the mouth and gums, thereby reducing oral inflammation.

“Patients do not always seek the periodontal care they require because they are not aware of the long-term and potentially dangerous implications of untreated gum disease,” says Dr. Angela.

Research has shown that in addition to tooth loss, gum disease may contribute to the progression of other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Because of this link between oral health and systemic health, “Periodontal disease is now considered a medical disease.” (Dr. Angela Lunn, 2015.)

Amazing family dentistry.

“This is indeed a family dentistry; you are treated like part of that family. I highly recommend to any one who wants to visit a dentist, go to Lunn Dentistry!” — Gibbs R.

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